Welcome to ICEAP Service

Welcome to ICEAP Service. We exist to connect students with the vital services that they need to propel them toward their heighest levels of success and acheivement. Some of the services we provide include (but are not limited to):

Homestay is a wonderful way for students to improve their English, learn more about Canadian culture and meet wonderful new people. Younger students will benefit from Homestay, as families will provide guidance and supervision. Interested families can apply to become homestay hosts and students can search for families that provide homestay near their campus.

Other living accomodations include the CBU Residence and even Student Houses.

Activities that are not only interactive and engaging, but fun and entertaining are organized by the Activity Coordinator of Student Services, and are always supervised by instructors and support staff.

Many of the forms that students need to complete for essential services ranging from admissions to visa renewal are provided in downloadable format for easy access and convenience.

Recent News

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